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Yes, we all love Carb Killas and yes they taste great, but still not quite like having a regular chocolate bar, brownie or cake are they?

Enter Protein Pantry. 

I first Heard about Protein Pantry on To Hall and Dan Meek’s podcast, Push Pull Legs, and after several episodes hearing them harp on about it, I thought I’d try it out (marketing works).

Protein Pantry essentially make protein bars on steroids (not literally); if you like Carb Killas, you’ll love what these guys do.

Each item is handmade (or at least it looks like it is, and comes in packaging that looks like it’s been baked in a little farm shop in Shropshire.

They’re a little higher in calories than Carb Killas, and quite a bit more expensive, but christ they taste good.

In fact, I think Protein Pantry of achieved the holy grail of producing protein treats that might actually taste better than the real things; as well as having acceptable calories and protein.

Peanut Butter Cups

I tried these first because you get two in a pack. I told myself I’d have one and save the other one for later. They were both delicious.

The structure of the chocolate is very much like a Reeses Cup but a bit bigger and quite a lot thicker.

The Peanut Butter filling was quite disappointing though and had more of a ‘gel’ texture than a butter. It also lacked a bit of saltiness.

Regardless, it (they) still tasted pretty good (as anything that’s vaguely chocolate and PB-based will); the issue with these is the calories – one cup as xxx calories and only 10g of protein.

The other problem with these is that they use brown rice protein; not ideal for for Muscle Protein Synthesis if you’re eating these on their own.

Calories: 211 (per piece)

Protein: 10 (per piece)


Hazelnut Butter Cups - Protein Pantry

Jaffa Cake

Jaffa cake on steroids’ is the best description of this bad boy.

This is basically a chunk of cake with a layer of orange stuff on top completely covered in dark chocolate.

I really bloody enjoyed this; it doesn’t taste much like a jaffa cake, but that’s only because it’s so much better (and probably what it’d be like if someone like M&S made a really posh Jaffa cake), the chocolate is much darker and richer, and the orange stuff (does anyone know what that actually is?!) is more bitter, like a good quality Marmalade.

Texture-wise it’s pretty chewy, but I like that. I don’t want to be able to eat something like this in 3 seconds like you can with an actual Jaffa.

The calories and protein are decent as well. Impressive.

Calories: 262

Protein: 20g


Jaffa Cake - Protein Pantry

Cherry Bakewell

Wow. This is just incredible; genuinely better than the shite you get from Mr Kippling.

More of a cake than a tart (oh er) – but not JUST a cake, the bottom half is also encased in a thick layer of white chocolate.

I looked at the calories for this and initially thought they were high, and maybe they are for a protein snack/treat, but this isn’t just a protein treat, it’s a treat in it’s own right with the added bonus of having some protein thrown in.

Now, the protein amount isn’t great – only 18g so less than a Carb Killa but you can forgive it because it tastes so great.

Calories: 256

Protein: 19g


Cherry Bakewell Protein Pantry

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is a really easy flavour to get wrong; and I a lot of brands (Grenade *ahem*) do. What most of them miss the crucial jam component; but Protein Pantry bucks that trend with a pretty much perfect cake/jam/icing/sprinkles ratio.

The icing is actually white chocolate, but that’s better than icing anyway.

This is pretty much like eating a slice of cake out of a party bag from your mates 8th birthday in 90s, but chewier, and with more protein obviously.

If you love birthday cake, you’ll love this.

Calories: 282

Protein: 19g


Birthday Cake Protein Pantry

Chocolate Honeycomb

This looks rich and it is – unlike the other flavours this contains more of a ‘paste’ than a cake-type filling – that description does it absolutely no justice because it tastes incredible, laods of thick darl chocolate on the outside and a massive bit of honeycomb in the middle, plus a an extra bit of honeycomb on top and a few salt flakes which makes a HUGE difference.

I can’t really find anything bad to say about this other than I’m not a huge fan of honeycomb, but that’s me being weird.

Pretty strong calories and protein as well.

Calories: 262

Protein: 20g


Chocolate Honeycomb Sea Salt Protein Pantry


I don’t really see Protein Pantry as a ‘protein bar’ brand, it’s more just delicious treats that happen to be high in protein.

Given the calorie amounts for some of the bars, these aren’t really substitutes for a protein shake which I see as a regular part of my diet, but more of an occasional treat.

They are slightly higher in calories than Carb Killas, but at the same time they’re much tastier, if you like Carb Killas you’ll love these!

Cost-wise these aren’t cheap; they all go for £3.75 (apart from the Hazelnut Butter Cups which are £4). That’s £1.25 more than the average price of a Carb Killa, but again, these aren’t something you’d have every day and in all honest they’re such good quality I think that price is probably justified.

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