Protein Pantry Review

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Yes, we all love Carb Killas and yes they taste great, but still not quite like having a regular chocolate bar, brownie or cake are they? Enter Protein Pantry.  I first Heard about Protein Pantry on To Hall and Dan … Continued


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If you don’t want to read the whole article, for me the best flavour is Chocolate Mint. It tastes very close to the real thing and isn’t too sweet. Taste is of course subjective however and Im a big mint … Continued


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Just when you thought My Protein couldn’t dream up any more crazy and frankly disgusting sounding flavours (Black Sesame or Chestnut anyone?), they go and pull ‘Clear Whey’ out the bag.  You’re probably used to your protein shakes tasting like … Continued


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Noo-what now? Nootropics are the latest buzzword in the fitness industry; while caffeine has stolen the limelight for quite some time for its mental stimulation properties, whether that’s in a double espresso before you get into that spreadsheet you’ve been … Continued

Dry Fasting: Yet Another BS Nutrition Fad

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Yeah, that’s exactly what it sounds like; nutrition influencers are actually advocating people stop drinking water for significant periods of time, i.e. fasting without water. YES, WATER. You know, that thing that you’re mostly made of that keeps you alive. … Continued

Key Takeaways From The Mac Nutrition Mentorship

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If you’re serious about optimising your body composition, i.e. gaining muscle and losing fat, being better at sport, or just being ‘healthier’ then you pretty much have no choice but to closely scrutinise your nutrition. The problem is, knowing what … Continued

Do You Need A Protein Shake After Your Workout?

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Unless you hadn’t realised, there are dozens of sports nutrition companies making money from selling powdered milk protein to people like you. They’re not really selling protein powder though, they’re selling a dream, the dream of your ideal physique, the … Continued