My Protein Clear Whey Review

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Just when you thought My Protein couldn’t dream up any more crazy and frankly disgusting sounding flavours (Black Sesame or Chestnut anyone?), they go and pull ‘Clear Whey’ out the bag. 

You’re probably used to your protein shakes tasting like a watered-down milkshake; this is because whey protein is pretty much powdered milk with most of the fat and carbs filtered out. This works well for chocolate variations and some berry or banana -based flavours, but it’s pretty prohibitive for anything citrus-y; ever tried a lime milkshake? Thought not.

Enter Clear Whey. Clear whey is a whey isolate rather than concentrate; this means that; gram-for-gram, it delivers the same amount of protein as concentrate for fewer calories. This is useful if you’re really trying to maximise protein intake while keeping calories as low as possible, but the differences are negligible, meaning that, for most people, it’s not worth the additional cost.

Clear Whey however means that there’s now a couple of genuinely reasons to choose Whey Isolate over Whey Concentrate despite the additional cost.

  1. The flavours. Being clear (obvs) Clear Whey is more like a juice (or squash) than a milkshake, which opens up a whole new world of flavour opportunities. At the moment; My Protein Clear Whey is available in Orange and Mango, Mojito, Bitter Lemon, Peach Tea and Rainbow Candy (yeah, no idea). They all sound fucking delicious, but more importantly, offer something a bit different from the same old diary-based Chocolate/Banana flavours.
  2. The texture. Whey Isolate powder is much finer than concentrate, which means it mixes much better and much more quickly. Concentrate can conceal a few rouge lumps even after some vigorous wrist action.
  3. Digestion. This is purely anecdotal, and I’m not aware of myself being lactose intolerant, but I always found Whey Concentrate to leave me with a slightly bloated feeling; it’s never been bad enough for me to consider shelling out for Whey Isolate, but Clear Whey feels a little easier on my gut and for me, the flavours make it worth investing in

What Does it Taste Like?

I’ve only tried one flavour so far; Mojito, and it’s bloody lovely. Very close to the real thing; a kind of lime/mint fusion, just without the Rum. And crushed ice. And Mint Leaves. In fact if you added all the extra garnish I reckon it’d be really difficult to tell the difference. It’ll just get you jacked instead of lit*.

The main advantage for me is that Clear Whey is much more ‘refreshing’ than Whey Concentrate, meaning you can use it as an intra-workout drink which will simultaneously hydrate you, and ensure you’re maximising the anabolic window (yes, I know this isn’t a thing, but getting protein in during your workout certainly won’t do you any harm).

Clear Whey mixes up really quickly; you get a load of foam initially, but once it settles it’s much smoother than normal Whey Concentrate

Next on my list is the Peach Tea. I’m too scared to try Rainbow Candy.

How Much Does Clear Whey Cost?

This is where Clear Whey falls down. It MUCH more expensive than your run of the mill Whey Concentrate

Per 100gImpact WheyClear Whey
Protein per Calorie0.19g0.23g
Cost (g of protein per £)37g20g

So it’s CLEAR to see that Clear Whey is slightly better from a protein per calorie point of view, but when it comes to cost per 100g and post per g of protein, good o’l faithful Whey Concentrate wins.

Is Clear Whey Worth it?

With that in mind, when should you use Clear Whey?

Well, if you’ve got money spare and you love the flavours, knock yourself out. If you’re operating on a budget, Whey Concentrate makes much more sense.

If you find yourself buying Whey Concentrate to help you hit your protein target but not using because you can’t stomach even the more mainstream flavours and the occasional lump then Clear Whey might just be the answer to your prayers.

*If you spend years training while progressively overloading your muscles, and getting enough calories and protein to support muscle growth

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