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MyProtein are the go-to supplement company for Joe public.


Their products are relatively cheap, they get great reviews, are high quality (check out this study on Labdoor on the quality of protein in tons of different brands of whey) and perhaps most importantly, they do LOADS of flavours.

This is great for people new to the world of whey protein because they’ll struggle to find a flavour they don’t like the taste of (or at least don’t like the sound of) as well as veteran protein shake chuggers, because they’ll always have something new to try (even if it is something obscure and un-pronounceable). 

You’ll probably find more variety on MyProtein’s website than you will at your local hipster food market, but with so much choice, how do you know what to go for; and how do you avoid buying something foul-tasting that you’ll be obliged to make your way through begrudgingly for the next 6 months?

Luckily for you, I’ve tried almost all of them, so here’s my mini review of each flavour.

N.B. Before we get going, there are tons of different types of protein out there; whey, isolate, casein, the list goes on. If you’re new to the whey protein market PLEASE don’t spend hours agonizing about which one is the ‘best’; there isn’t a best one. Just get Impact Whey, trust me.

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If you don’t want to read through every single flavour (I don’t blame you), here are my top 10 favourites;

  1. Chocolate Mint
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Blueberry Cheesecake
  4. Cherry Yogurt
  5. Coconut
  6. Chocolate Coconut
  7. Cinnamon Danish
  8. White Chocolate
  9. Chocolate Brownie
  10. Stracitellia


The old faithfuls – but don’t just expect chocolate, strawberry and vanilla; the range is punctuated with old fashioned family-favourite desserts, old skool sweets and modern takes on the aforementioned classic flavours.

Apple Crumble and Custard

Quite realistic-tasting – the custard is the overbearing flavour but you definitely get hints of apple at the end. This goes really well with oats. Makes a change if you want something sweet that’s a bit of a departure from the norm. The only downside is that the flavour is quite mild – the custard and apple notes could do with turning up a notch or two.



This isn’t too far off Nesquik – I’m not a fan of Banana milkshakes, but if you are – this is the one for you. Otherwise pretty bland.


Banoffee Pie

Add toffee into the mix and it’s a different prospect entirely. Again, not a firm favourite of mine but a good ‘classic dessert’ type flavour if you something sweet that isn’t chocolate-based.



For me, this doesn’t taste much like blueberry at all, which is unsurprising because blueberry is such a subtle flavour, making it hard to replicate in shake form. This isn’t very distinguishable from raspberry or strawberry to be honest. If you’re tempted by this, I’d instead go for…


Blueberry Cheesecake

This is VERY good, definitely top 5 material. I think I’ve ever actually had a blueberry cheesecake specifically before but I don’t think this is too far off. It has the sweetness and slight sharpness of a generic berry flavour, and the creaminess of cheesecake filling. Recommended.


Cherry Yogurt

This one came out of leftfield as a ‘limited edition’ flavour and became an instant favourite for me. I reckon this is the most ‘realistic’ tasting flavour that reminiscent of Petit Filous. If you like Cherry flavoured Yoghurt (slightly niche, I know), you’ll like this.


Chocolate Banana

Misses the mark on both the Chocolate and Banana fronts for me. A bit uninspiring considering that it’s the love child of two of the most uninspiring flavours.


Chocolate Brownie

Aside from Chocolate Mint, the best Chocolate-based flavour in my opinion. It’s really hard to describe how this differs from the regular ‘Chocolate Smooth’, but the best I can do is ‘cakier’ and ‘richer’ – highly recommended for chocoholics


Chocolate Coconut

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is essentially Bounty flavour. Another very decent chocolate flavour that’s a bit more ‘refreshing’ than indulgent. 


Chocolate Mint

I’m biased because I’m a huge chocolate mint fan in general but My Protein have done a smashing job here;this has the perfect balance between chocolate and mint, delivering that hit of richness and freshness. My only criticism would be that they need to make a dark version (take my money). This has the perfect balance between chocolate and mint.


Chocolate Nut

Exactly which nut? I hear you ask. I THINK it’s hazelnut, which would lead you to believ this tastes like Nutella. Kind of. But don’t get your hopes up, it’s not as good as it sounds.


Chocolate Smooth

Possibly the dullest flavour available. Very inoffensive – a good gateway into Whey Protein for the unadventurous but it gets very boring, very quickly.


Cinnamon Danish

Ok this is a really interesting one. When I first tried it, it blew me away (N.B. I am a big cinnamon fan), but I got sick of it fairly quickly. The best way I can describe this is that it’s great in small doses. It goes REALLy well with oats and raisins – recommended if you like cinnamon



A really versatile all-rounder – I find that this flavour acts as a great milk substitute, so if you want cereal and milk with a protein boost, make a shake using this and pour it over your Cinnamon Toast Crunch.



Avoid. Tastes like the weak, watered-down sh*t you get free from those machines in car showrooms, which has been watered down even further. An insult to the coffee industry.


Coffee Caramel

The above but made eleven worse with that fake, overly sweet syrup.


Cookies and Cream

Surprisingly bad. I tried this flavour from a different brand and it had actual bits of oreo in it. I’ve never forgotten it and I don’t think anything will live up to it.


Dark Chocolate

Wow. This is the richer, cooler, more muscular cousin to Chocolate Smooth. This is what proper chocolate tastes like – deep and full-bodied with a velvety texture. This is much closer to eating eating chocolate than any of the non-dark chocolate flavours come. A must try.


Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel

Just awful. See above but with added salt – and too much of it. Not a hint of Caramel in sight. Tastes like sweat.


Peach Tea

Really just awful. I actually think Peach Ice Tea is a delicious drink, but it doesn NOT work as milky shake. I’m kind of biased with this one because, although I like Peaches generally, I can’t stand Peach flavoured things (Iced Tea excluded). Think it’s because it reminds me of either the Orange Calpol, or Peach Schnapps.



Another fruity flavour that doesn’t really work as a milk-based shake, it’s nowhere near as bad as the Peach Tea though and almost works. I’m a bit torn on this one if you can’t tell – it wasn’t so bad that I’ll never give it another go, but it definitely isn’t a top 5 contender



More intense and interesting than Strawberry if not groundbreaking – a nice fall-back option.


Rocky Road

This is chocolatey enough to be lumped in with the chocolate-based flavours, but distinctive enough to provide a bit of variety. It feels like a lot of effort into this one, it might be my imagination but I think you can really taste the biscuit, cherries and raisins coming through which gives it a lot of character. Gets my seal of approval.


Salted Caramel

Does a decent job of getting the balance of salt and, yes you guessed it; caramel just right. Pretty good, but it’s very sweet, and one of those flavours that it’s easy to get sick of quite quickly.



Wtf is Speculoos I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell you; it’s Biscoff. Biscoff is f****ing delicious, and let’s be honest – Biscoff flavoured things, i.e. the spread and the ice cream are more delicious than the actual biscuits, unfortunately the same rule doesn’t apply to this. In all honesty a watery protein shake could never do Biscoff justice, but A+ for effort.



You probably don’t know what Stracciatella is either, and for that reason have probably scrolled right past it. Well, lucky I’m here to tell you that it’s basically chocolate chip. And it’s pretty good.


Strawberry Jam Roly Poly

Great idea, very disappointing execution. Far to mild, and not jammy enough. This could be a real classic with a few tweaks though. Must try harder.


Summer Fruits

One of the better fruit-based options – a little sour and acidic but a nice alternative to Strawberry. Not groundbreaking.



Is there anything more to be said? Why would anyone buy this unless they were clinically insane? I ordered 5kg of this by mistake once and just threw it out. Like eating chalk.



Not that much more exciting than unflavoured in all honesty. Buy this if you dislike flavour.


Vanilla and Raspberry

Now we’re talking. This is a really underrated flavour that combines sweetness, acidity and creaminess all in one – a great all rounder and a bit more interesting than Strawberry Cream.


White Chocolate

Last but definitely not least – this is a flavour that probably gets overlooked by most people just because it’s right at the bottom of the list of options. It’s very good. Obviously much more subtle than the Chocolate Smooth or Dark Chocolate but with just the right level of creaminess and sweetness to satisfy a sweet tooth. This works as a great semi-skimmed or whole milk substitute, so if you want a massive bowl of Frosties that packs a protein hit, make a shake with this using water and pour it over. Great stuff.



This was a new range of flavours released around September (I think). A mixed bag, with one real stand out performer

Eaton Mess

Very Strawberry Cream/Raspberry and Vanilla-like but a lot sweeter. Probably too sweet. Give it a go if you enjoy the aforementioned flavours


Pastel De Nata

These a Portugese Custard Tarts – the real thing is delicious, but the flavour is too nuanced to crowbar into a protein powder. It kind of just tastes like custard, which I’m not a huge fan of on its own. I’d say avoid.


US Style Peanut Butter

Ok wow. I was disappointed when I got this delivered because I thought I’d ordered Peanut Butter and Chocolate. This is better. My Protein have seriously nailed the flavour of this one – it’s not too sweet, and I’m through half a bag and nowhere near sick of this yet. My only slight criticism is that they could have added a bit more salt, aside from that; winner.


Clear Whey Mojito


Clear whey isolate is very different from regular whey. The powder is much finer and it produces a much ‘thinner’ shake that’s closer to juice than a milkshake. Great with ice on a hot day, or if you’re feeling full, needing to get a protein serving in and don’t fancy a thicker milkshake-like drink. Also a lot more expensive than regular whey.

If you want to know a bit more about clear whey-specifically, check out my My Protein Clear Whey review over here.


Very impressed by this one. I’m a big Mojito fan and I can’t say this isn’t realistic. Of course it’s not the same without the mint leaves and crap but the flavour itself isn’t far off at all. Refreshing as f**k.


Bitter Lemon

They’re not lying about the ‘bitter’ part. This is so acidic I was dripping with sweat after a few sips (a bit like when you have a pack of Salt n Vinger Discos). It’s not horrible, it just needs to be watered down a LOT.


Orange and Mango

Boring. Not a huge amount I can say about this one. I love Mango but I wasn’t bowled over.



So sweet. In a bad way. Reminds of the strawberry laces you used to nick from the Pick and Mix. It does have a watermelony taste but it’s just too strong – needs toning down a lot. 


Peach Tea

Unique and interesting – much less punchy than the other clear flavours and has enough of a bitter tea flavour for it to taste like Iced Tea, which is good, because I like Iced Tea. If you find most of the other flavours too sweet, try this. A welcome respite.


Joe is an online coach and qualified personal trainer of 15 years who helps busy, professional men and women lose weight and build muscle.

Having a 9-5 desk-job, Joe understands the struggles of juggling a hectic life with trying to maintain a good physique.

If you want to know more, check out the about page, or get in touch

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  1. Oliver

    Blueberry cheesecake was really good tho it definitely smells better than it tasted but is still good and worth buying however dark chocolate is not good it has a after taste that is nothing like dark chocolate and tbh as a dark chocolate fan I was very disappointed definitely avoid it 🤮

    • Joe

      Ha, I actually really loved both flavours – the Blueberry Cheesecake is really unique and makes a change from all the usual favourites!

      I thought the dark chocolate was so much better than the standard chocolate smooth

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