Welcome to 9 to 5 Nutrition. 

I help busy office workers lose weight and gain muscle with simple approaches to dieting and training that fit around their hectic lifestyles.

I get it, you’re constantly peer-pressured into trying your colleague’s home-baked Red Velvet cake, everyone turns their noses up at your Tupperware lunch, you’re constantly bombarded with unavoidable post-work pub invitations, and the last thing you want to do when you get home is head back out to the gym.

I’ve been there, and believe me, there are workarounds that allow you to finally get the body you’ve always wanted, get shit done at work and have a social life, all without spending hours in the kitchen or blowing your annual salary on supplements.

I offer three coaching options to suit your goals and budget. You can expect a personalised plan that takes into account your job, family life, social calendar, food preferences, and the amount of time you want to spend in the gym.

If you want to break free from the endless cycle of starting, then giving up on diet and training plans, and have your eyes opened to a more sustainable, easy and ultimately enjoyable way of achieving your goals without having to sacrifice any of the things you love, get in touch.

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Our Coaching Options

All online coaching packages include an initial one hour call, customised tracking spreadsheet, weekly email check-ins, and unlimited contact via WhatsApp. 

Online Weight Loss Coaching

If you want to look ripped on the beach, squeeze into a fitted suit on your wedding day, or lose a bit of weight just because, this is the option for you. Weight loss plans are focused on nutrition and everyday activity to produce great results.

£100 Per Month

Online Personal Training

If you have your diet nailed and you want to focus on getting bigger biceps, wider shoulders, or glutes that pop, I can coach you through a training program that starts to fill out your t-shirts, dresses or jeans in all the right places

£100 Per Month

Personal Training

Online Personal Training and Nutrition Support

If you need help with your diet and training, this is the package for you. Whether your goal is weight loss or building muscle; diet and training go hand-in-hand, so this might be the best option if you’re new to all this!

£150 Per Month

Why 9 to 5 Nutrition?

Having worked in an office for most of my career, I understand the struggles of achieving and maintaining a great physique while navigating all the potential pitfalls that come with a sedentary lifestyle and constant temptation in the form of vending machines, canteens and a seemingly never-ending supply of treats courtesy of your colleagues.

Often, it doesn’t feel like you have enough time in the day to exercise, or the will power to avoid those homemade cupcakes. I have the strategies to help you get around these common issues and get the physique you’ve always wanted, while you concentrate on living your life and getting your work done.

9 to 5 Nutrition coaching is based on three key principles; science-based approaches, personalised plans, and accountability

  • Personalised: Your nutrition and/or training plan is tailored specifically to you, no cookie-cutter plans here, we won’t even ban your favourite foods!
  • Science-based: The principles used to devise your plan are based on scientific principles, no fad diets here.
  • Accountable: Lack of accountability and motivation can be an issue for some dieters. We help keep you on track with weekly check-ins.

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