What is Online Muscle Building Coaching?

Online personal training is a way to achieve your ultimate goal, whether that’s gaining muscle, losing body fat, or both in the quickest time frame and in a cost-effective way.

Traditional one-to-one personal training sessions can cost upwards for £40 per session, and many people will pay for multiple sessions per week. Three sessions per week could end up costing you over £6,000 in a year.

Traditional, offline personal training may help you lose some weight, or gain some muscle whilst you’re attending your session, but what happens when you stop? Do you have the tools to continue making progress, or maintain what you’ve achieved without the help of a personal trainer?

If you’re using a trainer to help you lose weight, you might burn 300-400 calories during your PT session, but what about the other 165 hours in the week when you’re not with your PT?

You’re essentially paying your face-to-face trainer to help you burn a few hundred calories; this could be achieved simply by going for a walk, or changing your nutrition, which takes much less time, and is much cheaper.

How Much Is Online Personal Training?

My typical online personal training package costs £100 per month, over a year, that equates to £1,200, which is a £5,800 saving over 3 traditional face-to-face PT sessions per week.

Even if you were to have one face-to-face PT session per week, that still adds up to £2,080 over the course of a year; still almost double the cost of an online personal trainer or fitness professional. Some other benefits of online personal training include;

Long-term accountability – someone to keep you on track

Unlimited contact  – help and support whenever you need it

Mentoring – don’t just burn calories in a session, learn about nutrition and exercise execution

Freedom – work towards your goals as quickly (or slowly) as you like

Autonomy – once you have to the tools you need to lose fat or gain muscle, break free from your online coach and apply the knowledge you’ve gained to help yourself

Here are some of the ways that online fitness coaching  differs compared to traditional offline PT;

BenefitFace-To-Face PTOnline PT
Exercise Technique CoachingYESNO
Weekly Check-InsNOYES
Unlimited ContactNOYES
Total FreedomNOYES
Nutrition SupportNOYES

When it comes down to it, if you’re a complete gym newbie and you want to learn complex exercises like squats and deadlifts for the first time or you need someone standing next to you to motivate you, then face-to-face personal training is your best bet.

However, if you have some experience in the gym, and are self-motivated then online training could be a great, cost-effective option for you.

Here’s what included in my online coaching services;

My Online Personal Training Package

Initial Consultation
An initial one hour phone or Skype call to ascertain training experience, body composition goals and time frames

Training plan
A monthly periodised training plan with lifts, sets, reps and weights that’s easy to follow

Nutrition Coaching

Your target calories and macronutrients based on your goals

Weekly Check-Ins
Once-per week check-ins to assess your progress and adjust your training and nutrition accordingly

A Plan That Fits Around YOUR Lifestyle
No cookie-cutter programs here. All my training and nutrition plans are tailored around your work, social and family life to ensure that you can achieve your goals without missing out on the stuff that really matters

Cut The Confusion and Get Results

Knowing exactly what you need to make progress in the gym as a newbie is virtually impossible, and will vary based on who you ask. There are many different training programs out there; 5/3/1, German Volume Training, Push Pull Legs, Full Body – these are all training methodologies that can work, but the underlying principle that will dictate whether or not you’ll make progress is progressive overload.

This means overloading your muscles over time with more weight, reps sets, stricter form, slower tempo and shorter rest periods. This works because you’re forcing your muscles to do more work, and creating adaptations off the back of it. if you aren’t progressively overloading your muscles, it’s likely they’ll stay the same size, regardless of what training program you use.

When you sign up to my Online Personal Training package, you’ll learn how to implement and track your volume load, giving you a benchmark to aim for and exceed each week. This means you’ll be clear about what you need to do, rather than just going to the gym and doing whatever you feel like – an approach that could leave you spinning your wheels for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Track My Progress?

We’ll track your progress using a shared spreadsheet. This a document I’ll fill in your workouts (in 8 week blocks). You’ll track your workouts and add your weight and reps to the spreadsheet, we’ll review to together each week.

How Often Can We Speak?

We’ll check in via email once per week, however, you’ll be able t contact me whenever you need me with additional support/questions. I may take up to 24 hours to respond, but generally, response times are much quicker than that.

Can I Quit Whenever I want?

Of course, if you feel that Online PT isn’t for you, then you can stop paying immediately.

When Will I See Results?

This depends on lots of things, if you’re a beginner, you’ll likely see results fairly quickly, advanced trainers might take a bit more time. Muscle building a slow process and requires persistence and perseverance.

Ready To Get Started?