These are some of the most common questions about online coaching, online personal training weight loss coaching. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, please get in touch with me.

Online personal training costs £100 per month. Online Personal training includes ongoing workout plan, but no nutrition support. Offline personal training can typically cost between £30-£100 per session. Three sessions a week could cost up to £300 per week, or £1200 per month. This means that online personal training can be much more cost-effective.

It depends on how long you’ve been training for. Beginners can gain muscle relatively quickly since resistance training provides a novel stimulus that the body isn’t used to. If you’ve been training for several years, muscle gain can be a slow process. Most estimates put the amount of muscle you can gain in a year at around 2-3kg, so you need to be prepared to be in it for the long haul.

Provided you’ve had a Skype Consultation to determine that you’re suitable for Online Personal Training or Weight Loss Coaching, you’re ready to go. I’ll send over your spreadsheet which you should keep updated and we’ll check in on a weekly basis to review your progress

Simply Book A Call with me to get started.

Weight Loss Coaching costs £100 per month.

It depends on how much weight you have to lose and how quickly you are prepared to lose it. The fewer calories you eat and the more calories you burn, the quicker you’ll lose weight. It may however take some time to determine how much you should be eating and how much you should be moving. Although it is possible to lose weight very quickly, this may not be sustainable, a sustainable rate of weight loss for most people is around 0.5kg per week.

Not necessarily. My Fitness Pal is a really useful tool for tracking your calorie intake as accurately as possible, however, while it does make things easier for most people, it isn’t absolutely essential

Both Fit Bit and Apple Watch are freE devices for tracking your activity in the background. Your daily activity is a key piece of information that will allow you make decisions about how many calories you need to eat to lose weight. It isn’t essential but it’s really helpful

Whether you choose Online Personal Training or Online Weight Loss Coaching, you’ll have a Skype call with me to ensure online coaching is the right option for you. Once you ready to get started, you’ll be given spreadsheets to track your progress, and there will be email check-ins each week to make sure you’re on track.

Most people will need to provide their weight, calories and steps on a daily basis.

Online Personal Training generally suits people that have a few years of training experience. This is because you’ll need to know how to safely and effectively execute the exercises in your plan.